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The car test is broken in two sections:


The theory test comprises of two sections:

Section 1- Questions

You must answer 44 out of 50 questions correctly. This is a multiple choice, pick one answer out of 4, or 2 out of 6.  Read the question carefully as you might have to select more than one answer from the list  Be aware the some of the questions are very similar so take your time.

Section 2 - Hazard Awareness

In this section you will be shown 15 video clips of someone driving, you have to identify any developing hazards as quickly as possible.  There will be one hazard on 14 video clips and 2 hazards on one other clip. Therefore, even if you have identified a developing hazard, do not relax as there could be another.

The theory test remains valid for 2 years.


The practical test is where you must drive a DSA examiner on a route around the city for approximately 40minutes. To begin with you will be given an eyesight test and must be able to read a number plate at a distance of 25 metres.  You will then be asked to answer a couple of vehicle safety questions before entering the car.

During the test you will be asked to do one of the 4 manoeuvres and one candidate in 3 will get a possible emergency stop. There will also be 5 minutes of independent driving where the candidate has to drive using road signs, following a simple map or a mixture of both.

The 4 manoeuvres are as follows: left reverse around a corner; turn in the road (3-point turn); bay parking; parallel parking.

At the end of the test, candidates will be informed if they have passed or failed, immediately after switching off the engine.


If you are told you have passed, the examiner will require your provisional license in order to write you out a pass certificate. You then have two options: one let the examiner take your provisional license and you will receive a new one in the post (within 3 weeks), or send it to the DVLA yourself. We would advise letting the examiner do the paperwork unless you are due to move within the next month. 


If you fail the test, listen carefully to the examiner as you will be told where you went wrong and given a copy of the marking sheet.


1 April 2016 (Watch here for future changes)

THEORY  - £25.00

PRACTICAL  - £62.00