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Everybody learns at a different rate. Much depends on how quickly you need to pass the driving test, how you can fit in driving lessons and of course finances are all factors to be considered.  The following courses, as outlined below, are merely guidelines for the candidate to choose from.


Weekly lessons. This is the most common method of learning and ensures that the candidate can proceed at their own pace. To reach test standard takes approximately 6 months or 40 to 50 hours.


Fast Pass.  This is where we can vary the number of driving lessons per week to achieve a test date already booked, depending on how many lessons can be booked in a week:

           2  hours a week, test in approximately 24 weeks

           4  hours a week, test in approximately 11 weeks

           6  hours a week, test in approximately 7 weeks

           The above is for guidance only on how to obtain your target of passing your test. 


Intensive Courses - I do not do intensive courses for beginner drivers as this means doing approximately 40 hours driving in one week.As we already have pupils taking weekly lessons we don’t have the capacity. If you are thinking of doing a intensive course and have had no driving experience, give us a call and we can can discuss the way ahead.

Remember not everyone takes the same amount of hours to teach. There is one other factor we have to think about that is the waiting time for tests.

The Theory Test waiting time is around 3 weeks and the Practical Test is typically 10-15 weeks.